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Neilsen Park CircPan


This image shows the beach and parkland of Neilsen Park in Sydney. This park and beach is on the harbour and in this image you can see the city skyline through to Taronga Park on the opposite side of the harbour.

The beach is lovely spot for a swim and picnic, catering to all ages as there is very little swell entering the harbour.

Due more to alarms about sharks than any real danger, the beach is netted off.

For the most part there are very few waves at this beach, only in the occasional MASSIVE south easterly swell do waves enter the harbour, reflect off the opposite shore and break off to the right of the beach.

As a keen surfer I have surfed at Neilsen Park in 2006 and again in 2012. The backdrop of the city providing a surreal setting for a lovely right-hander.

This image is part of a series that that I have been working towards for several years.

During my Masters degree I was reading works by environmental author David Suzuki. He has ideas about small communities that resonated with me.
I was trying to find a way to illustrate these ideas of working, living, growing food and learning within a small geographical area. In a way it is a positive insularity.
After much trial and error I combined several existing techniques to create an original photographic approach that captures in amazing detail and clarity a panorama into a circular image. I call these images CircPan (circular panorama).

The images have the look of an aerial photograph, in this case shot from a boat in the Harbour. They are a unique approach to landscape photography.

The image is printed on archival paper with pigment inks, embossed with my seal and posted rolled in a tube.


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