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Jochen Heinzmann

Cherry Ripe 120cm - Jochen Heinzmann


With plenty of class and length, this 48 inch land paddling board is a 3 layer lamination of toasted Ash, Maple, Jarrah and ply. Steel knuckle, Gullwing trucks 10" front and 9" back, REDS bearings.

Growing up in a family with a second generation joinery business, Jochen was always surrounded by the creative possibilities of crafting items from timber. “I always loved working with timber, even from a young age”, says Jochen. “As a kid I made wooden swords, lots of them, and then when I was older, I started making my own furniture. I always had furniture I made at my place”. 

His other keen interest, in technology, took him through his first career, starting a technology company with three friends and building it to IPO. After 12 years, he decided to exit the business and start again from scratch, pulling together his interests in woodwork, design, architecture, engineering and the joy of making things with his hands.

Together with his partner Belinda, in 2013 they started Timber & Tailor with their garage as the workshop.

The mission of Timber & Tailor is to fuse traditional woodwork craftsmanship and modern design to create unique items which complement modern living spaces yet hint at the depth of its traditional roots. “I am always looking for a new angle on a familiar product, something that has not been done like this before. It could be the way a box opens or a particular way the joinery is done”, says Jochen. Design is at the centre of everything Timber & Tailor does. Good design and craftsmanship take time, and new products are released only around once a year ensuring the highest quality of our products.

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