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Hamish Ta-me

Bronte Spotlight


My favourite subjects live and inhabit their landscape joyously and exuberantly.
There is a relaxed, hedonistic atmosphere on Sydney’s beaches that is perfect for my kind of photography that relies not just on place but mood.
I had swum far out to sea at Bronte on a hot and still day, lying on my back staring at the hazy blue sky suspended in the gentle undulation.
Swimming slowly back to shore I was captivated by the strong shafts of light piercing thought the Norfolk Pines and sea mist. It was like a stage set with the actors crossing through the stage for their brief cameos. I dried off and shot for about 45 mins standing there in my boardies.
F4.5 1/100 second 64 iso GRD

These images are printed in an offset process which is the same used to produce high-end art books and magazines. The paper is an uncoated slightly matte stock, which is made of 70% recycled fibres, the inks used are vegetable based. The paper-weight is 190gsm. Each poster is hand embossed in the bottom right hand corner before rolling into a mailing tube ready for posting. The poster size is (591mm wide and 849mm high). This is a standard paper size so it is easy to buy ready made frames.

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