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Exhibiting With Us

2017 Exhibition Guide


Full service regional gallery / exhibition space.

We are a dynamic artists run gallery in regional NSW. With a focus on local artists we also accept exhibition proposals from artists, designers and makers who are keen to engage with our informed and articulate community who live nearby or visit to see our shows.

We are in Bowral, halfway between Canberra and Sydney, located in a small shopping arcade in the busiest section of town. Due to our location and reputation we have between 80-100x people a day through the space and more on the weekends when the town swells with visitors.

One half of the space is dedicated to local wines, beers and produce which brings in a slightly different audience that dovetails perfectly with the diverse exhibition offerings.

The exhibition space is a contiguous 11metres painted grey with hanging system, good even lighting and space to stand back to see the show as a whole.


We are a full service gallery charging a flat $1100 (+gst) for a two week show with no commissions.

  • We are open 7x days a week and handle all minding and sales.  

  • We cover the costs of the opening event with local wines, cheese, chips and dips etc

  • We assist in hanging the show and can help with curatorial process.

  • We cover the design and printing costs of vinyl signage for your show.

  • We cover the design and printing of 500x mini flyers for distribution to local cafés, shops etc

  • Your exhibition is featured on our monthly newsletter which has almost 4000x subscribers.

  • For the length of your exhibition an image from your show is our banner image on facebook which has a over 1400 organic likes.

  • We promote your exhibition with a targeted digital promotions strategy which include listing on state and national government aggregation event websites.  Listings on up to four other “whats on” pages which feed other bot driven listing pages.

  • We record a video interview about your show which is distributed through social media.

  • We document your show and the opening.

  • We shoot a portrait in front of your work for our banner image on Facebook.

  • We make personal introductions to local media prior to your exhibition which often results in coverage in local newspapers.

  • We don’t charge any commissions on sales (though any sales on credit cards attract a 2% surcharge).

  • You are paid for any sales on the day of bump out of your show with a full sales report provided.

  • Our director and curator Hamish T-mé has an MA from UNSW (COFA) and is an exhibiting artist with a national profile. Hamish lectures in digital strategy and social media for the arts. He has a parallel career as a commercial photographer. Our gallery staff are all exhibiting artists and crafters.


Booking a date

In discussions with gallery staff we can come up with an exhibition slot that will suit your  timing and availability of the gallery.


We book the gallery for two week periods. This costs $1100 + gst. If you wanted to book a longer show that is occasionally possible based on a fee of $550 a week.

Once we have settled on an exhibition slot we will generate an invoice for the entire amount. You will need to pay the entire amount (or a deposit of $300) to lock in your dates. This deposit is non refundable.


Initial details for your exhibition

Upon booking your show we need almost immediately a title “A new Aesthetic”, “Vibrational Landscapes” etc, A paragraph on the show. A paragraph about you. Two hi resolution images of your work. Ideally landscape format 2048 pixels wide.

These details and images form the basis for the initial digital strategy / promotion.

Initial promotion

Once we have your show details we create an event on our website,Facebook and Eventbrite.

Further, we also list your show on 4x key “whats on” websites that many other aggregation websites use as source content. Your show is also listed on the Destination NSW website which feeds stories and events to many tour operators and news organisations.

Brochure and Signage

Around 3x weeks before your show we design and print the small flyers and the vinyl signage for the gallery.

Local media and Newsletter

Around 10x days before your show we send an email introducing you to the local arts journalist at the Fairfax newspapers. This often leads to a story and coverage of your opening.

A few days before your show we send out an email to our newsletter subscribers.

Hanging, video interview and documentation

On the friday before your opening you hang your show with our assistance. Please consider bringing helpers as the gallery is open and staff may be busy with sales and enquiries.

At this stage we also record a 2min video interview and shoot a portrait with your work behind you. These two assets are loaded onto our facebook page and remain on the banner of our page for the duration of your show.


We normally have our openings on Saturday afternoon at 2pm. We provide local wines (up to 3x bottles) with cheese, chips and dips. In discussion with you we can have speech where we introduce you, talk about the gallery briefly and then you can speak about your work. During the opening we shoot lots of images for social media etc.

Staffing and Sales

We are open 7x days a week (excluding some public holidays) and handle all staffing, enquiries and (hopefully) sales.

You don’t need to come in during the course of your show, however we have found that artists who pop in and engage with viewers during the weekends tend to have greater engagement which can lead to sales.

Mid Show Promotion

We encourage you to “share” event photos and promote your show during the two weeks. There are two local radio stations who are always happy for a chat.

Artists Talk

On the second weekend of your show you can opt to have an artists talk on your work and processes. We have found this works well on the second Sunday around 1pm.

Although there isn’t often a large turnout it does provide a good vehicle for further promotion on your show.

De Install / Bump Out

On the last friday of your show you will pull down any remaining works normally mid morning, timing in discussions with gallery staff.

Payment and sales report

On the final day of your show after de installation we pay you for any sales made (less 5% for sales made through eftpos) and provide a sales report. We will need your bank details on that day to make the transfer on the spot.

The first step is to call Hamish, the director and curator for the space, for a chat. Or drop him an email with a bit about yourself and some images. 0428294569