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the lowdown

Ten Thousand paces opened in August 2014 with 24x artists represented. It is a paradigm shift in the way that artists are represented and their work sold.

We founded the business with the idea of each local artist contributing to the costs of a high profile commercial location and 7x day a week professional staff.

Our shop is dedicated to regional excellence in the visual arts. All of our staff are exhibiting artists who know personally all of the artists involved in the project.

We are a totally enmeshed part of the local community. Our aim is to create sustainable creative communities through cultural development, mentorship and strong leadership in regional issues. Each year we hostĀ over 25x exhibitions and show the work of over 60 local artists, cool crafters, designers and makers. We make strong sales which are returned to the artists who made the artworks.

We have regular workshops and are formally mentoring over 12 local artists.

We have created 5x full time jobs for local artists and have an internship program to teach the next generation of arts industry workers.

We have an exciting and dynamic vision for the future of creative communities in regional and rural settings. A vision that sees communities thriving and artists being recognized for their skills. A vision of regional excellence in all artisan art-forms. We are doing this every day and making it happen.

We have a 5x year plan that sees the concept expand into nearby regions.