wine tasting this thursday 4-6pm
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Tomahawk Vineyard is located at Canyonleigh in the Southern Highlands wine region of NSW, about 90 minutes drive south west of Sydney.

Canyonleigh is on the dry western rim of the Southern Highlands, benefiting from the high altitude (700m) and cool climate. Cool nights and dry, warm days give a long gentle ripening period, resulting in wines of subtlety, complexity and elegance.

Planted in spring 2002, Tomahawk is a small vineyard with approximately 900 Shiraz vines and a further 900 Pinot Noir vines.

Harvest occurs from late March (Pinot Noir) to mid April (Shiraz).

Yields are minimised through ruthless fruit-thinning to produce the best possible fruit- one tonne to the acre is typical.

All fruit is hand picked, the wine is made on site.