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Southern Highlands Wine

Southern Highland Wines is owned and operated by three families: Rossi, Corradi and Colloridi. All families descend from Italian heritage. The group settled in the Highlands to create a high quality wine and food tourism facility based on cool climate viticulture and wine making. At our 83 acre Sutton Forest estate, we have approximately 30 acres of vines planted.
EDDY ROSSI - CEO / Wine Maker

Eddy oversees the running of Southern Highland Wines Cellar Door and is our Chief Winemaker. He began his career as Assistant Wine maker at McWilliams while still studying at Charles Sturt University. That speaks for itself! He moved to Rossetto wines, as winemaker to the 12,000 ton facility and was the chief winemaker there for 5 years before moving to the Southern Highlands. Eddy joined forces with the SHW team in 2000, to address the domestic and export markets for bulk and finished wine products independently. He manages the contract wine processing division of Southern Highland Wines and produces all of the wine styles, with support from his experienced team of winemakers.

DARREN CORRADI - Viticulture

Prior to joining the SHW team, Darren ran Merlot Vineyards in Griffith. Darren manages the home winery block 83 acre vineyard and the reserve block 100 acre vineyard at Canyonleigh. The contract grower relationships and management of the contract viticultural services also fall to Darren.


After starting his career in the industry with McWilliams wines, Frank moved to Miranda Wines, eventually overseeing all aspects of the bottling and packaging of over 2 million cases annually. He is also experienced in grape receival and wine transfer and is responsible for the packaging and distribution of all Southern Highland Wines and the management of the contract production division.