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Sallys Corner Wines

Sallys Corner vineyard is situated in Exeter, which is approximately equidistant between Sydney and Canberra. The property is in the Southern Highlands Wine Region / area and is about 720m. above sea level.

The vineyards is about 10a. in area and the rows run north east and south west. The land has a slight northern slope which gives the vines excellent exposure to the sun and excellent air drainage which is important to avoid frosts.

The soil is mainly derived from shale and is well drained having deep red clay loam top soil over medium clay and varying quantities of gravel. The soil is probably volcanic origin.

The vines were planted in 1998. The original planting of Chardonnay consisted of the P58 clone and since then we have planted more P58 vines together with Dijon 95 and 96 clones to give variety and complexity to the Chardonnay. We also have merlot and cabernet franc.

Because of the elevation Sally Corner has a cool climate which means that the vines ripen very slowly resulting in better aromas, more fruity and delicate flavours.

The vineyard make sure that their crop loads are small, resulting in low yields which means that the vines put all their effort into relatively small quantities of grapes giving better flavours.

All vines are hand pruned and also all grapes are hand picked to ensure only the best grapes go to the winemaker.